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Save £100 on the top-rated Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner

With the right vacuum you can make light work of your housework, but how do you choose between cordless, upright, bagged or bagless models?

Upright hoovers are the most popular type of vacuum cleaner thanks to their ability to be pushed around rather than dragged behind you, allowing you to cover more floor space and get in between furniture.

The is one of the top-rated upright vacuum cleaners on Amazon. With over 8,000 ratings and a near-perfect average score of 4.7 out of 5, it's even Mrs Hinch-approved.

The Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner NV601UK is now 40 per cent off on Amazon - reduced to a very tempting £149

Usually £249, Amazon has slashed the price of the Shark vacuum by 40 per cent, so that it's now just £149.

The savings is part of one of Amazon's Lightning Deals, so you'll have up until midnight tonight to snap up the saving.

The Shark vacuum - which is the same model that cleaning guru Mrs Hinch uses and raves about - has also gained impressive reviews from Amazon shoppers.

In fact, 85 per cent of shoppers have given the

While upright vacuum cleaners are traditionally more expensive than canister models, they come with plenty of advantages that make them worth the extra pennies.

The super agile  comes with enhanced swivel steering giving you the freedom to whizz around your home, making light work of corners and hard to reach places.

One of its big selling points is that the vacuum converts from an upright to a portable cleaner within seconds, comfortably tackling stairs, ceilings, curtains and more.

Amazon shoppers have reported that it's equally jaminan bpkb mobil harga tinggi as impressive on carpets as it is on hard floors, while the extended reach wand and included attachments make the vacuum incredibly versatile.

The vacuum is equipped with LED lights that illuminate concealed dust and pet hair pile-ups in dark areas and under furniture

'This is such a versatile vacuum cleaner,' one Amazon review wrote.

'It morphs into whatever you need and is really easy to empty. Great for pet hairs - I have three cats! Highly recommend this product, and its great value for money. No negatives so far.'

The bagless vacuum is also great for allergy sufferers as it captures and holds 99.9 per cent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

The strong, powerful suction is a particular hit with those fed up with pet hair.

Thanks to the purposefully designed hair removal tool, the effortlessly removes embedded pet hair from carpets, cushions and sofas. What's more, the vacuum also featured LED lights that illuminate dark areas.

'This Shark is fantastic,' another review raved.

'We have a Leonberger and a long-haired Somali cat. Hair is a massive issue! The sofa and carpets looked so different after using this! And so much came up we were constantly emptying it! Definitely recommend this.'

A third agreed, writing: 'The shark vacuum has made my carpets look new again and removed all trace of pet hair.

Highly recommend.'

One shopper was impressed with the amount of hidden grime the Shark picks up, commenting: 'Love this hoover! Thought my carpet and gadai bpkb harga tinggi rug were clean.... thought... omg the stuff it got up! I had a Dyson, and I thought they were good!!

Best money I've spent on a hoover.'

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