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Screaming baby hoisted to safety from latest boat packed with migrants

A screaming baby was among the migrants rescued from another boat attempting to cross the channel.

Pictures taken in Dover this morning showed Border Force officials hoisting up a baby from a boat to safety after the RNLI picked up another group of migrants in the Channel.

Two men were seen standing over a railing in Dover, preparing to lift the child to safety from a boat brought in from the Channel.

Another Border Force official dressed in PPE and a protective vest clutched the child in his arms before lifting it up to his colleagues.

A Border Force official holds a screaming baby in his arms, as his colleagues stood over a railing above him, prepare to hoist the child to safety

14 migrants were picked up in the Channel this morning and brought back to Dover.

The RNLI transported the people using three separate boats

14 migrants were found in a boat in another attempted crossing of the English Channel.

They were brought ashore in three separate boats by Border Force officials.

The inflatable boat used by the migrants was also brought into the harbour from the Channel by the Hunter vessel.

This comes after 21 migrants jaminan bpkb mobil adira made the journey across the Channel to the UK over the weekend in two separate crossings.

Sunday's arrivals meant that at least 5,600 refugees had made the journey this year, with six more having to be rescued from an inflatable boat near Calais after suffering engine failure.

Five men and one woman were picked up by coastal maritime surveillance cruiser Escaut and returned to border police at Boulogne-sur-Mer at 2.50pm on Sunday.

A Border Force officer is seen carrying a baby at the port of Dover this morning after a group of migrants were rescued from the Channel

No successful crossings were recorded on Saturday as far-right protesters clashed with police in Dover in reaction to a pro-migrant demonstration being held in the Kent town.

Six men have been charged following anti-migration protests in Dover on Saturday, Kent Police said.

All six, aged between 28 and 51, have been bailed to appear at court on a later date, which the force did not state.

Chief superintendent Nigel Brookes said: 'We made it very clear from the start that Kent Police would have officers in Dover and would not tolerate violence or disorder.

'Whilst the majority of people demonstrated their views peacefully, there was a minority who did not.

Thankfully our experienced officers intervened quickly when offences were committed, sought to keep the transport routes moving and balance the rights of those taking part in the protests.'

21 migrants made the journey across the Channel to the UK over the weekend in two separate crossings

An exhausted migrant, one of eight to have landed in Deal, Kent, today, shivers as he lies on the beach wrapped in a blanket

Eight migrants were found to have landed on the beach in Deal earlier today and were cared for by the Coastguard

The rival protests took place in the Kent town just days after a record 416 migrants made it to the UK after crossing the English Channel.

Clandestine Channel Threat Commander Dan O'Mahoney said: gadai bpkb di bank 'These crossings are facilitated by criminals willing to risk people's lives for money.

France is a safe country with a fully functioning asylum system - those seeking refuge can and should claim asylum there.

'I am working with my counterparts in France daily to make this route totally unviable, with more migrants prevented from leaving the French coastline today.

'We continue to return those who do not have a legitimate asylum claim despite barriers to removals under the Dublin Regulations and legal challenges.'

Following days of bad weather, a flurry of migrant boats managed to cross the busy shipping lanes of the Dover strait to the UK on Wednesday, last week.

At least 416 migrants packed onto two dozen boats for the crossing, a new single-day record.           

On Thursday, senior Home Office and immigration figures appeared before the Home Affairs Committee, which is conducting an inquiry into migrant crossings.

Chairwoman Yvette Cooper pressed them for answers on whether the Home Office will have any legal authority to return migrants to countries like France after December 31.

Another child is carried ashore from a boat by a Border Force official after being rescued in the English Channel

No successful crossings were recorded on Saturday as far-right protesters clashed with police in Dover in reaction to a pro-migrant demonstration being held in the Kent town

However she did not receive a full answer to the question, which she said she was 'really surprised' about.

Tim Loughton, MP for East Worthing and Shoreham, asked Mr O'Mahoney about suggestions made by a French politician that migrants come to the UK because it is easier to work illegally and 'live undercover'.

Mr Loughton said: 'It would appear that French members of parliament are party to putting around these misconceptions about how they are actually going to be looked after if they do make it to the UK.

'That's part of the problem, isn't it, that people are coming here on a false premise?'

Mr O'Mahoney replied: 'I think that's absolutely correct.'

Later the same day, Home Secretary Priti Patel used Twitter to hail the deportation of 11 Syrian nationals to Spain.

One of the eight migrants that arrived in Deal today shivers as he crouches on the beach wrapped in blanket

An inflatable boat rests on the beach after washing up in Deal today with eight migrants aboard.

The engine has fallen off and lies on the stones

She also continued her attacks on 'activist lawyers' which she says are frustrating the removal of migrants.

Amanda Pinto QC, chair of the Bar Council, said that lawyers should not be political targets for simply doing their jobs.

Concerns were raised over the deportation of the 11 Syrians when it emerged that they had been left 'confused and distressed' when they ended up alone on the streets of Madrid.

When their UK Government-chartered flight touched down in Spain authorities declined responsibility for them, and they were left alone until an aid group picked them up.