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We are offering readers the chance to win £28,000 worth of cash prizes by playing the stock market for fun in our Fantasy Share Picking Game

We are offering readers the chance to win £28,000 worth of cash prizes by playing the stock market for fun in our Fantasy Share Picking Game.

This is Money, the financial website and Money section of MailOnline, is launching its second annual game in association with Fidelity International and this year there is a £15,000 top prize and runner-up prizes of £5,000 and £2,000.

In addition to the jackpot of jaminan bpkb mobil jakarta, we will give away 12 weekly £500 prizes for the top-performing share pick each week.

The game is free to play and all you need to do is pick the best performing shares over 12 weeks to compete for the prizes - while you can also set up private leagues to challenge friends, family and colleagues.

You can  and the game kicks off on Monday 14 September 2020 and ends on 4 December 2020, with a practice period currently running until 11 September.

The £28,000 giveaway: Play our Fantasy Share Picking Game, in association with Fidelity International, for your chance to win £22,000 worth of main prizes and £6,000 worth of weekly prizes

The Fantasy Share Picking Game is easy and fun to play and offers the chance to compete for both the jackpot and weekly prizes, gadai bpkb jakarta to play for glory against those you know, and to learn more about investing in the stock market.

If you played last year's game then you will know what to do, but if you didn't it is simple and straightforward to pick up.

Anthony Pepler got interested in shares after a student challenge at school.

At 25, the musician won This is Money's fantasy share picking game last year

Last year's winner was 25-year-old Anthony Pepler, who said he first got interested in investing as a teenager after taking part in a student investor challenge.

The musician and composer, of Bournemouth, Dorset, said of winning the game: It's been a brilliant opportunity and a lot of fun'.

This year's share picking game gives you the opportunity to pit your share picking skills - and luck - against fellow players, friends and family, members of the This is Money team and a pair of celebrity participants.

They are quiz stars Shaun Wallace and Anne Hegarty, who will be playing the game over the 12 weeks and have already started looking at shares to pick.

Asked about her strategy, Anne said: 'I suppose I am trying to think about what kinds of things will be in demand and then choose companies that offer those products or services.

For example, I've picked a bank, and it's value has stayed up.

'People are working from home more because of the coronavirus, that's one trend. Another might be avoiding investing in oil companies for example, as more people aren't driving to work at the moment and therefore aren't using petrol.

'But then again, I also picked a company that is developing a coronavirus test, and that share slumped in a day.'

Meanwhile, asked to rate his chances of success in the game out of ten, Shaun replied: 'I'd say six.

I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm a barrister as opposed to an entrepreneur so I'm not going to pretend that I know everything about trading because I don't.'

Left: Anne Hegarty, master quiz player; Right: Shaun Wallace, master quiz player